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10 Ways I Manage Bipolar Disorder (type 1) without Medication

If you're wondering how I manage bipolar disorder without medications, the best way to learn is to read my book, "Super Intense" - but short of that, here are 10 techniques I use daily to help me manage bipolar type 1.

Now, I think it's important that you know I'm not against medications - they saved my life at one point. And I'll still take things like antibiotics or other prescriptions when absolutely necessary. BUT, I do believe we tend to rely a bit too heavily on medications and for me personally I got to a place where it was like I was at the mercy of meds, or the mercy of moods, and I knew there had to be a better way.

And, for me, there was! It takes work, and daily commitment, but it's so worth it!!

I have been medication free for the past four years. I occasionally will take over the counter sleep aids if I'm struggling there - especially when traveling or experiencing disturbances in my schedule. But that's about it.

What you don't see in this video is just how hard those beginning few years were and all the starts and stops to trying to be medication free. It was a process and there's many things I tried that didn't help, or only kind of helped. That's why commitment is the most important step. I've experimented with things like daily reiki self-treatments. Emotion code healing (my healer is Rebecca Packard, and I've had amazing results from her especially around releasing creative blocks). I tried being sober for about a year as well a few years back (not that I ever abused alcohol I just wondered if it'd make a difference in my emotional health to cut it out - it didn't really). There was a lot of trial and error, and I'm still learning and growing. I just know that putting my mental health first will always be my priority for the rest of my life. It has to.

What commitments are you going to make to make your mental health a priority after watching this video? Comment below for added accountability and share this message with anyone you think could benefit from spending a little more time putting their emotional wellbeing first. (Ahem...that's pretty much everyone)

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