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Full Moon in Capricorn, June 24th 2021 - Guided Meditation

There's a beautiful power in connecting to your inner guidance through meditative journeying, and this channeled guided visualization for the full moon in Capricorn (6/23/21 @ 2:39pm EST) is certain to help you experience that inner magic.

This meditation will help you understand how to best utilize the energy of this full moon, uniquely as it relates to you. You'll experience inner child healing, light code activations from the planets, and deep insights specifically for you.

Listen to this full moon meditation on your favorite podcast platform, or use the player below:

Don't forget to journal out your experience afterwards! And if you wish to take this work further, take advantage of the full moon sale on my special energy healing designed to help you become a more deliberate manifestor of that which you desires!


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