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Aries Full Moon Meditation + Journaling Practice, Oct 1st 2020

Not only is the full moon in Aries, both Chiron (the wounded healer) and mars are in Aries, and their energy is amplified as they are in retrograde. What this means: lots of fiery, passionate Aries energy! The full moon meditation I channeled was more about using that passionate energy to travel inward and heal/release old patterns than it was necessarily about taking action outward. Truly this Aries full moon meditation feels much more like a meditative healing, and it's set to the solfeggio frequency of 528 hz so this can be a very powerful meditation experience.

I recommend getting into a comfortable position, perhaps lying down, and wearing headphones to enjoy this practice. Make sure you have a journal handy to jot down the answers to the full moon in Aries questions posted below.

See chapters/menu/timestamps below:


Be sure to journal out these questions when you're done:

1. What thoughts, feelings and beliefs did you release?

2. What did your soul guide you towards?

3. What other take aways do you wish to carry forth with you from this meditation?

Menu: 2:20 - Learning to Say "No"

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11:31 - Apply to get my journals for free as a tester: 14:51 - Full moon ritual + details

16:00 - Aries Full Moon Channeled Visualization Get new fun journals from Positively Delighted here:

What are solfeggio frequencies: Find out here. 528 hz is the miracle tone.


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