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New Moon in Cancer July 2020 Meditation and Ritual

Begin this new moon in cancer ritual by creating a warm and inviting place, preferably in your home. Either way, let yourself become nice and cozy. You can cleanse your space first with sage if you like, then light a candle and set an intention for all of your highest most loving guides, angels and ascended masters, all beings of the highest love, light, truth and compassion, to be with you. Welcome them in.

Then begin this meditation while lying down. Preferably in darkness if possible.

After you're done with the cancer new moon meditation, get a notepad and pen/pencil to jot down the following:

  1. What did my heart's world look like?

  2. What do I want to carry from my heart's world with me into my daily life?

  3. What word (thoughts, image, phrase, etc) came to me while I was in the vastness of the Universe?

  4. What significance does it have for me?

  5. What intention came to me for what I'm taking forward with me for the next several months (most likely approx 6 months)?

  6. How do I want my life to feel six months from now?

When you're done, imagine you're writing a letter to the Universe, or your soul or God or angels or whatever feels good to you, about how you're ready to move forward in this life carrying with you the feelings you experienced here. If you did the Full Moon meditation two weeks ago and still have your list from that, use that as a guide for reminding you of what you want in your life moving forward. Wrap your letter in a safe envelope (perhaps with tin foil) and place it somewhere overnight that feels like a good space to give up an offering. Ask for their (guides, angels, etc) help and thank them in advance for helping you become what/who you desire to be. It's already within you. In your heart. Know this truth dear love.

And then, if you feel called, listen to this channeled message I received from Mary Magdalene.


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