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I am a Woman

I am a Woman

Sometimes I close my eyes and see all the power that I possess

I am all fire

Alight with flames that have the power to take life

But I only give

I am a lion

Roaming the plains with an innate knowing of all that is around me

I roar, I rule

The kingdom of all that I love with the power to destroy

But I only create

I am all thought

With its warmest blessings and outcomes yet to flourish

I take in light

And project it out to the world with the power to tear things apart

But I only restore

I am water

Replenishing and life-giving, cleansing and purifying

When it floods

I could tear down entire cities, and devastate nations

But I only nourish

I am a Woman

I no longer close my eyes to dream about all the power I possess

I am wide-eyed

I give, create, restore and nourish when I could instead sink into despair

But I only trust in Love

I am a Woman


Arms open

Fully trusting in Love

Fully knowing my power

Welcoming all to come

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