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3 Steps to Embrace Your Divine Creativity

Just a quick heads up: this article is for you if you have...

  1. Creative gifts that you overlook and underuse

  2. A sense that something is missing--that you have a higher purpose but don’t entirely know what it is

  3. A desire to make the world a better place

  4. The willingness to put in the hard work to discover and LIVE UP TO your your highest purpose

Still with me? Then congratulations!!!!! You have a mission to share your creative gifts with the world and it is time to fully embrace them!

Tapping into your creativity can help you in every aspect of your life. Whether you’re happily (or frustratingly unhappily) employed or looking to start your own business by tapping into your creativity, by accessing this divine gift you have been given, you open up to your greatest potential. Stop living as if your talents don’t mean anything. Stop the thoughts that you have turned into a cemented belief that our creativity is just something you can do for fun, or even worse, something you just don’t have time for.

We all have been given gifts. When we chose to incarnate in this life, we agreed to a “soul contract”. Then along the way, we let the everyday struggles and the life we think to be “reality” get in the way. We let society’s belief that “artists and musicians can’t make money” force us to seek alternative paths.

Well let me ask you this. How would you feel if you didn’t have your favorite playlist to turn to when you needed a pick-me-up? Or what if there were no more art galleries? Or movies? Or any other creative work? How would you feel?

Every time you bask in the beauty of a Monet, or get carried off into a Universe where a talking tree and raccoon-like alien are best friends (any Marvel fans out there?), or allow all your worries to drift away as you play Bob Marley and soak up the sun (or pretend you are if you’re like me in a less-than-hospitable climate for a quarter of the year), then you KNOW the power wielded by the people who took the leap to embrace their creativity.

You think they were told it’s pointless? Yep. You think they were told they should try to get a real job? Yep. In fact, the man who bought the rights to Batman long before he was The Dark Knight was told he was wasting his money and encouraged NOT to do it. If he didn’t listen to his gut’s (and dare I say Heart’s) creative vision, Batman would still be a goofy character “POW-ing” and “BAM-ing” his way around Gotham.

Society may tell us that our creativity is only useful when put towards “creative problem solving” on the job, but that’s a load of s***. I have been fed and eating tons of s*** my whole life and I’m done with it.

But to embrace my authentic truth as a creative being. I had to overcome a lot of false beliefs and barriers to realign with my soul’s contract. Today I aim to unapologetically embrace and embody my soul’s contract--no matter what society says about it’s validity as a way to make a living.

We all have reasons to hold back, reasons to shy away from our greatness. “But what will others think?” “What if I’m not good enough?” “What if trying this ends up being a big waste of my time?” And on, and on…

I know how it feels!!!! In high school my guidance counselor told me I wasn’t allowed to take art classes because I was “too smart” and my very loving parents told me not to pursue music because I needed a “real career.” I heard things like “Bob Dylan didn’t have a good voice either, but he still wrote great songs,” and “you’ll be successful if you just go to college, and then get any job and start saving for retirement.”


I want you to ask yourself something: “if I were to die tomorrow, would I regret not embracing my gifts?”

I’m here to tell you, that until you FULLY embrace your life’s mission, your soul’s deepest desires, you will always feel like something’s missing. Even worse, the gifts you were born on this planet to bring into fruition for the betterment of the Earth will dwindle away and all the people you were meant to help will miss out.

This is no joke. When you incarnated on this Earth, your soul contracted to help many other people using your creativity. If you can’t step up to this truth, then you will always feel somewhat unfulfilled.

I will help you get straight to the truth of your soul’s contract.

That is, if you’re ready.

It is a huge commitment, but once you show the Universe that you’re ready to show up fully and honor the contract you made to this planet, everything will align in your favor--even if it doesn’t feel that way at first.

I’ve seen this happen with some people very quickly, and then others--like me--rather gradually.

I’m here to help people embrace their authentic truth and own their creativity so that they DON’T take the long, hard road I chose to take. You see, I had tons of role models in living from a spiritual center, but no one to tell me that my musical gifts were of service to the world. I grew quickly into a more spiritual, love-aligned being, but continued to squelch my talents as a musician until I had a divine awakening three years after I began searching for my soul’s contract.

Here’s how to avoid what I did to speed it up, if you’re ready for that.

  1. Get brutally honest with yourself about your deepest desires AND your deepest fears.

  2. Learn the tools to continually reshape limiting beliefs into thoughts and emotions that uplift and inspire positive action.

  3. Dive in! Whatever messages you are receiving by the work in steps one and two, EMBRACE it. Don’t hold back. The Universe wants you to be happy and to use your gifts you are here to provide the world.

It’s that simple, in theory. The implementation can be painful and terrifying at times. But the good news is that that’s because growth is just outside your comfort zones.

But why go through this process alone? I offer an incredible 6 week coaching program with following up accountability in a private Facebook group for 9 months, giving you all the content and support you need to dive in and discover your Truth--your purpose--and how to live up to it.

Act now as this cart closes on July 16th and WILL NOT REOPEN until next year!

If you've been wanting to do something more with your life and know it has to do with your creative gifts, show the Universe you are ready and you will be led! I have payment plans available to make this doable. For less than what many pay for a phone bill/month, you can completely change your life. What do you say? Are you ready?

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