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Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!

I love my momma!

She gave birth to me in this physical world AND gave birth to the spiritual me by introducing me to reiki, crystal healing, and Gabby Bernstein.

I owe a lot to my mom, and for those of you who feel the same way, I had a lot of fun pulling together this sweet list of spiritual-momma-loving gifts to shower her with next weekend! (Also, you’ll probably want to stock up on some of these for yourself too….)

For the crystal collecting chicas: One of my favorite rock shops is Heaven and Earth Jewelry . They have everything from loose stones to beautiful crystal jewelry. If you’re tight on budget this year, you can create a gift for free by printing out stone information about some of mom’s favorite crystals using this amazing A-Z index here!

I also love Satya jewelry and Gabby Bernstein has a line with them with a mala necklace that is so gorgeously perfect for mother’s day. The design is called Unconditional Love.

For the badass spiritual boss lady moms: I am so excited that Amanda Frances now has a storefront of manifestation queen swag! Check it here.

For the one-stop all things spiritual swag shop: Check out Chakra Chelsie’s Society 6 page. I just bought myself the Spirit is my BFF tote this morning. The selection on her page is vast and stunning!!

For the aromatherapy, essential oil lover: Chakra Chelsie also creates incredible chakra-aligning sprays using essential oils, crystals and loving intentions. I love her new simplicity collection with sprays for just $11.11!

For the child-at-heart mom: Give her a gift that you two will cherish the memories of forever and ever! Sign the both of you up for a day (or weekend) at soul camp.

For the not-so-spiritual, but oh-so-fabulous mom: I know some of you are out there in the woo-woo world while mom is still navigating her human experience predominately in the physical world. Amazon has everything and they create really cute gift cards! And lastly, of course, you can always gift her my meditations! I have some for free (more coming soon!) and one on sale for $11.11.

Whatever you do, I hope you honor your creation and have a love-filled mother’s day.

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