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How to Align with your Soul's Contract

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When you chose to incarnate on this planet, at this time, you chose the body you are in and the function the body would fulfill during this lifetime. You had a mission that beautifully involved uplifting and serving this planet and its inhabitants in some way. There’s some part of you deep down that connects with this knowledge, knows of its truth.

All your life you have felt a calling. You have felt like there is “something more” for you.

And there’s a reason!

When you are not in alignment with your soul’s contract, you feel off. You feel unfulfilled. You are not connected with your Authentic Truth and therefore have this longing for something different, a better way.

How do you know what your soul’s contract is?

It takes a lot of soul-searching, for sure. It takes slowing down and connecting with your inner guide. That loving voice in your head that has provided you important and positive guidance in the past can be nurtured to serve you as a constant compass.

You don’t have to feel lost and wandering in the dark, just trying to find your purpose in a world of careers that don’t quite fit.

You have a special purpose and that doesn’t always fit neatly into already carved out roles in society. Sometimes to fulfill your highest purpose, you must chart your own course.

Here are some tips to begin to connect with your intuition as well as your angels and guides so that you can reconnect with your highest path in this life:

  1. Begin each day in meditation: to connect with your inner guidance system during meditation, set the intention to be a channel for the highest love and light. Welcome in guidance and be willing to receive. Journal/free write all message you receive.

  2. End each day in gratitude: Before you drift off, thank the Universe for the guidance you received throughout the day. What went well? What happened exactly when you needed it to? These are signs you are in alignment with your truth.

  3. Continually return fears to love: Throughout the day, every time you have a fear-based thought (judgement, attack, comparison, unworthiness, etc.), forgive it, and welcome in love instead. Fears are not real. They are false illusions trying to run the show in our lives, but as soon as we recognize them for the fiction they are, they no longer hold power and we can instead reconnect with love. It is when we are connected with love that our inner guidance system works best.

  4. Welcome in guidance all along the way: So with every step above, always welcome in your inner guide, your higher self, your higher guides, angels, God, whatever you resonate with. Welcome in guidance all throughout the day. You are not alone and so often we approach things in life as if we are, but we actually have a team of guides and angels as well as access to our own inner guidance system. We might as well use all our resources!

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