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Become Your Own Superhero

Weekly challenges and meditations delivered to your inbox every Monday for a full year. For free.

Ever feel like you’re too sensitive?


Like you have some great purpose in this life but you have no idea how to access it?


Like the world around you is weird...

and you know you can’t just keep living day-in and day-out doing the same things forever, like all those other weirdos?


Well, the world is weird.

You do have a great purpose.

And likely, you are too sensitive...which is great!


Darling, you’re a mother-saving superhero.


That’s right!


Think about many superheroes knew EXACTLY how to use their powers the first time they got them? Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, Rogue...heck, even the infant in The Incredibles, all had trouble harnessing their powers. Your sensitivity is a SUPER POWER.


The world doesn’t get it. They tell us we’re weird, weak, and just need to get over it and live life like the rest of them.


Well, they actually need us not too. The sensitive people in the world are often the ones making the biggest impact because they have the courage to see things differently. To actually feel the world they are living in.


They know that there’s something more out there for them and they can’t be stuck playing just Clark Kent when they know full well there’s a Superman inside of them.


This, my friend, is YOU!

Captain Heartsong

By day, I remain undercover as musician and comic-book lover, Marisa Imôn (I guess I’m not doing a good job at being undercover). By night I roam the streets of my personal Gotham, the internet, and spread love through music and meditations to help inspire the miracle that comes with connecting to your truest self - the superhero you.


Actually, I gotta come clean...I have a strict 10pm bedtime, so I’m definitely not roaming the streets at night super-heroing...but you get the idea, right? Also, how great is it that with the power of the interwebs we can be super-heroing at all hours, while still keeping a nice strict bed time!


Part of my plan to “clean up the city” is to help uncover the superhero within the good-hearted people of this world so that they can rise up and make the difference they’re here to make.


If you’re ready, I can do that for you...FOR FREAKING FREE. Flark yeah!

All you need is a computer or phone with internet...since you’re reading this, I’ll take that as a check.


Then for 12 months, you’ll receive weekly meditations and actions (I sometimes refer to them as challenges, sometimes rituals, sometimes routines...consistency is not a strength of mine) that will guide you through a process of unlocking your own inner superhero.

Here are the monthly themes

(Click on each icon to learn more)

monthly themes

Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Opt in here. (I said it’s free right? Also, there’s no catch. Like, yes, you’ll be on my mailing list, but God do I hate sending emails unless I have something awesome to share, so this will only happen 1-2x month, sometimes 0x in a month...clearly I need more awesome things to share!)


Once you’re in, the computer monkeys (I use Mail Chimp, so I feel like I can say that) will go to work sending you weekly meditations and challenges.


Step 2: Each Monday morning after signing up, you’ll receive your weekly challenge and meditation based on that month’s theme. Note: Your "months" may or may not fall on the actual start/end of a month, but rather whenever you choose to begin...and let me tell you, right now is the perfect time to begin.


Did you hear me? I said right now!


Each month will have the following meditations and self-care actions based on that month’s theme:


  • Week 1: Morning wake up routine

  • Week 2: Evening bedtime routine

  • Week 3: Mid-day pump up

  • Week 4: Extended practice for personal peace

Gyan Mudra

Ideal way to use this each month:

Week 1: When you receive your Morning wake up meditation + action your first Monday after subscribing, start your morning by listening to the meditation and completing the action. Both are designed to take less than 10 min of your morning. Throughout the week, make a commitment to do this process at least three times.


Week 2: Ideally you’re LOVING your morning routine, so when you get your evening ritual you will have started your day with the morning routine, and will be ending it with this new meditation + action - also designed to take as little time as possible. Evening routines can be done in 10 minutes, or extended depending on how much effort you’d like to put in.


As will week 1, try to commit to at least 3 days this week to do your evening routine. If you don’t have time to do BOTH morning and evening, that’s perfectly okay. Just do what you can and know that it’s perfect!


Week 3: By now, ideally, you’re waking up and going to bed with a new routine based on the theme for the month, but usually when we need support the most is in the middle of the day when things are getting hard. Work, chores, school, whatever is the slog in your life doesn’t have to suck. In fact, you can feel great doing things you don’t love...and doing so will help you enjoy them more! So, now that you’re more centered and connected to your theme of the month, give yourself a boost by using your lunch break or taking a break after work to incorporate your mid-day pump up. This is a quick 5-minute meditation and action that will help you get back on track for the day.


As always, if you don’t have time to do morning, evening and mid-day, just do what you can! Ideally you’ll give this a try at least three times during the week.


Week 4: By now you are feeling way more connected to the theme of the month, hopefully practicing morning, noon and night, and ready to deepen your practice even further. The last week of each month will give you the opportunity to do just that. These meditations can run 15-40 minutes, depending on the month,  and can take you even deeper into the work you’ve been doing the past few weeks. This meditation is ideally practiced at least once. Make it a commitment of self-care.


You will have the choice to layer as you go throughout the month or just use as needed.


This is designed so that by the end of the month you can feel a significant shift in your life related to that month’s theme before moving on to the next.

Imagine what you can accomplish in just 12 months! 

You're a superhero darling and I can't wait to help you live that truth! 

idea way to use

Ready to put on your cape?


How much time will this take? It can range from 5 minutes to an hour each day depending on how much time you'd like to spend, but most days will take less than 10 minutes of your time. Morning and evening meditations + challenges will be under 10 minutes. Mid-day meditations + challenges are under 5. Your monthly extended practice is between 15-40. It's up to you 

Is this really free? Darling, it's totally free! I make most of my money creating meditations and meditation music for businesses to use with their clients, or apps to sell in the app store. After the hundredth meditation I made for someone else I thought, "jeez, I'm making all these things for other people that I'll never get to know - I should make something for my people!" So here I am. This is fun for me, and I just want to do it! This is part of my superpowers!


How many emails will I get? Every Monday you receive a new meditation and challenge for the week. I rarely will send emails outside of this, and it will only be because I have something super cool to share with you. 

What are the monthly themes? Check them out here.

What's the best way to utilize this? You can pick and choose how you use this but the ideal way is described here

Do you create all the meditations and the music yourself? I sure do! Thanks for asking! 

When did you first get your super powers? I got them very early, as I suspect you did too. As a toddler, any time my parents would take me out in public I'd sing at the top of my lungs out of a clear determination that the world must hear my music. I was always very sensitive - became a PETA advocate at age 10 (I'm not as radical as the 10 year old me was, but still vegan) because I couldn't bear the thought of harming others. I would create sanctuaries in my bedroom for ants I accidentally stepped on...although it never helped them. So the world told me I was too sensitive and I tried to toughen up. Trying to numb my sensitivities just made it worse, leading to year of struggling with multiple mental illness diagnoses. Now I use my sensitivity as the super power that it is. That and my love of music go hand in hand in creating these 52 meditation sessions I've designed for you.

What's your funniest superhero story? Oh man, I'm so glad you asked! Okay, so, I worked at Target throughout high school and one day as I was ringing out this father-son-duo, the little boy gave me his superhero action figure to scan. I asked him what powers he'd have if he were a superhero and he look at his tiny hands and said "I already have them...I just don't know what they are yet."  And that's exactly how you are right now...get ready to know your powers inside and out! 

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