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Become Your Own Superhero

Weekly challenges and meditations delivered to your inbox every Monday for a full year. For free.

Ever feel like you’re too sensitive?


Like you have some great purpose in this life but you have no idea how to access it?


Like the world around you is weird...

and you know you can’t just keep living day-in and day-out doing the same things forever, like all those other weirdos?


Well, the world is weird.

You do have a great purpose.

And likely, you are too sensitive...which is great!


Darling, you’re a mother-saving superhero.


That’s right!


Think about many superheroes knew EXACTLY how to use their powers the first time they got them? Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, Rogue...heck, even the infant in The Incredibles, all had trouble harnessing their powers. Your sensitivity is a SUPER POWER.


The world doesn’t get it. They tell us we’re weird, weak, and just need to get over it and live life like the rest of them.


Well, they actually need us not too. The sensitive people in the world are often the ones making the biggest impact because they have the courage to see things differently. To actually feel the world they are living in.


They know that there’s something more out there for them and they can’t be stuck playing just Clark Kent when they know full well there’s a Superman inside of them.


This, my friend, is YOU!

Captain Heartsong

By day, I remain undercover as musician and comic-book lover, Marisa Imôn (I guess I’m not doing a good job at being undercover). By night I roam the streets of my personal Gotham, the internet, and spread love through music and meditations to help inspire the miracle that comes with connecting to your truest self - the superhero you.


Actually, I gotta come clean...I have a strict 10pm bedtime, so I’m definitely not roaming the streets at night super-heroing...but you get the idea, right? Also, how great is it that with the power of the interwebs we can be super-heroing at all hours, while still keeping a nice strict bed time!


Part of my plan to “clean up the city” is to help uncover the superhero within the good-hearted people of this world so that they can rise up and make the difference they’re here to make.


If you’re ready, I can do that for you...FOR FREAKING FREE. Flark yeah!

All you need is a computer or phone with internet...since you’re reading this, I’ll take that as a check.


Then for 12 months, you’ll receive weekly meditations and actions (I sometimes refer to them as challenges, sometimes rituals, sometimes routines...consistency is not a strength of mine) that will guide you through a process of unlocking your own inner superhero.

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