Week 47 in Captain Heartsong's Year - Long Free Meditation Program

Month 11, Week 4: Extended Meditation for Choosing Your Highest Path

Your  Superhero Challenge:

Looking back on all you've done take time tonight, maybe give yourself at least 30 minutes between the meditation and this exercise (the longer the better for the journalling) to script out your dream life as if it's already happened. 

Every so often I do this for each area of my life: Love, Money, Career, Health, Creative Expression, etc. (you may have other categories) and I write about it in present tense as if it's already true, and describe my dream life. I really let myself feel what I imagine that feels like. 

Then I like to leave the notebook under my pillow and welcome in vivid dreams about it so it feels even more real. 

Be grateful as you script this dream life. Feel it in your heart as your truth as you express deep gratitude for every great thing you imagine. You are meant to live this or something better dear hero.

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