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Week 37 in Captain Heartsong's Year - Long Meditation Service

Month 9, Week 3: Marvel in Your Magic - Mid-Day Break Meditation

Your  Superhero Challenge:

Look back on last week's journaling exercise - what really stands out?

Use this to inspire you as you go beyond the challenge from Week 35 and take it to the next level.

Instead of simply setting an intention to see love - get more specific. Think about what excited you that happened last week as inspiration and come up with at least one intention for the day that would really make you feel good.



 "I'm open and excited to experience a chance encounter today that makes my day" 

"I look forward to having a meaningful conversation with someone today"

"I am open and willing to experience a positive surprise at work that makes the day better."

Set your intention throughout the week and watch the magic unfold. Look for evidence of what you desire everywhere you go!



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