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Week 31 in Captain Heartsong's Year - Long Meditation Service

Month 8, Week 1: Hear Your Inner Guide - Morning Meditation

Your  Superhero Challenge:

Test your inner guidance this week in a safe way. If you feel a nudge to eat a certain food, or go for a walk, or wear a specific shirt, listen to it. See what happens. 

If you're new to listening to your inner guidance system, it may be overwhelming to do it for a major life decision, but I challenge you to at least head the small inner calls you hear this week. Especially those that seem insignificant - like what to eat, what trail to walk on, what song to listen to, etc.

When I first started this practice I remember one day I felt/heard my inner guidance say "bring that hair tie to work." I remember thinking that was stupid because I wouldn't need it.

It was almost the end of the work day when someone I worked with asked for a hair tie! 

It doesn't matter how insignificant the "call/pull/guidance" seems, allow yourself to listen and follow it. See what happens.

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