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Week 41 in Captain Heartsong's Year - Long Meditation Service

Month 10, Week 3: Mid-Day Break Meditation for Giving Back & Being of Service

Your  Superhero Challenge:

Who are you really? Why are you here? By now you're starting to feel more passionate about the answer to this. I want you think about HOW you can give back to the world in a way that honors your interests and desires. That's it, just be open to thinking about this. If you already think about it, try to dig deeper this week. Journal it out!

BONUS: We're actually going back to week 39's challenge and deepening it: Throughout the week, if anyone does something that irritates you, simply send them love and wish them well. Make a goal of doing this AT LEAST once/day. It doesn't matter if it's someone who cut you off in your lane, or if it's a politician saying something that hurts you. No matter how big or small, be honest with yourself this week about when you are irritated and at least once/day, find GENUINE feelings of sending love and well wishes to this person. If it helps, imagine them as an innocent child. By 

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