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Week 25

Month 6, Week 3: Wear The Cape - Mid-Day Meditation Break

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Your  Superhero Challenge:

This one might sound crazy, but trust me.

We often spend our days thinking about all the things we can't do - even if only subconsciously or about seemingly unimportant things (i.e. "I can't just wear jammies to work" - turns out you totally can).


This week, any time you are in between something (like driving to and from work, or walking to and from the bathroom) make a list in your head of things you can do.  Do this the entire time to and from point A to point B. 

Doesn't matter how big or how small the thought of what you can do is. Just keep listing...



I can breathe

I can explore

I can believe in myself

I can drink clean water

I  can live the life of my dreams

And always include - I can wear my cape.

This might sound like a small thing to do but it will fundamentally change the way you think and help you see more of what you can do, as opposed to outdated beliefs of what you can't.

You're a hero, you can do anything!

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