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Let Marisa's use of humor, music and inspiring storytelling entertain and uplift your audience.


Marisa is the #1 bestselling Amazon author of the book Super-Intense, and host of three podcasts: The Mid-Day Meditation Pump-Up Podcast, Super-Intense, and the Positive News Podcast. She has gone from being heavily medicated for bipolar type 1, to living in harmony with it without medications.


Because of this, she views emotional sensitivity as a gift and a strength, and helps others feel the same way (regardless of medication choices). She leverages her unique talents of helping others through songs and meditation to provide uplifting messages that inspire others to take action towards their highest life purpose. Through music, meditation, and a good dose of laughter she brings her audience to a state of feeling their best, and by doing so helps them connect with their deepest, truest self, where all the magic happens.


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Marisa provides humor and inspiration on topics such as mindfulness, mental illness, self-love and spirituality to groups ages 12 and up.

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