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Meditations, Affirmations and Resources for dealing with Coronavirus Anxiety


My friend and host of the Women's Meditation Network, Katie Krimitsos, has put together an incredible resource to house all the various meditations out there to help you during the new coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak. leads you to hundreds of free meditations to help with the emotions you may be facing at this time.

In addition, I am amping up my routine with Incandescent Podcast, instead of 3 meditations/week, I'm going to offer at least 5 so you can enjoy positive affirmations as often as you need to during this time.

Here are a few of the most recent meditations for coronavirus on Incandescent:


Here are some affirmations for Coronavirus:

  • I choose to stay grounded in the face of uncertainty

  • I believe that everything is happening for me

  • I am safe

  • I am centered

  • I am supported

  • I know that everything is going to be okay

  • I choose to believe that love is all around me

  • I stay committed to choosing to see love

  • I am grateful for my health and the health of my loved ones

  • I choose to see creative ways as to how this is of service to the planet

  • Thank you Universe for teaching me many lessons during this time

  • Thank you Universe for the extra time to myself to tune inward

Resources will continually be updating resources so please check that out.

Additionally, I recommend this journaling exercise any time you feel anxiety, fear, anger, worry or depression.

This is a really difficult time for many. If you need more support, please seek out a professional. I like working with Chakra Chelsie for soul therapy or Rebecca Packard for energy healing. I am not an affiliate, I just have worked with them personally and found their services very helpful; they both offer distance/remote services. I haven't used Better Help, but I've heard great things about that service as well for connecting therapists to patients virtually (which is especially needed right now)

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Like these meditations and want more? Just click image below to be taken to anew meditation every single Monday straight in your inbox for free! The link below leads you to a "superhero" meditation series that is a full year long free program to help you meditate your way into being your own superhero!

One more thing...

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Thank you!!!


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