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Meditation to Feel Loved & Supported

We often seek love and support outside of ourselves. Looking to a romantic partner or a close friend. But what happens if those people are not available? Or what if you haven't even found them yet?

Usually, what we desire in the world around us doesn't come to be until we allow ourselves to experience it inside of us first. Therefore, in order to attract love and support, you must allow yourself to feel love and support first.

One of the best ways to feels loved and supported is through meditation.

In the latest episode of the Incandescent Podcast, I share a meditation designed to help you generate feelings of unconditional love and support within yourself - instead of seeking it from the outside world. Through this meditation you can feel that you and the Universe love, support and accept you fully and completely.

What feeling could be better than that?

You can listen to this meditation while sitting or lying in stillness, while taking a bath, or while going about your day. This meditation can be used as an active meditation - listen while walking the dog, washing the dishes, running errands. Listen any time you need a reminder that you are loved and supported.

Because, you truly are loved and supported.


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