How to Pronounce Marisa Imôn

I've heard it all:

Mer - Eye- Zah

Mer - Ease -Ah

I - Moan (<-- middle schoolers thought that one was hilarious)

E-Mon (Partially right )

E-Moan (Also partially right)

But I pronounce my name: mer-ISSA EYE-min

My last name is made up.

My grandfather was a fashion designer who wanted his clothing brand to sound more French than his birth name, Hyman Goldfarb, did. He went with Imôn, and while he pronounced this name as E-moan, my parents didn't like how it sounded with their first names, so I was raised pronouncing it "I'M in."

Meanwhile my aunt and uncle pronounce it E-Mon. So, my entire family are the I'M-in's, E-mon's, and e-MOAN's. Basically, however you say it, you are likely saying it right according to someone in my family.

I'm so proud of the history of my last name.

The fact that my grandfather was brave enough to create his own clothing line makes me feel like my entrepreneurial spirit is in my blood. I'm deeply proud of him for following his passion. He was colorblind, but made the most beautiful, colorful, detail oriented women's fashion I've ever seen. You want a dress with a giraffe on it? He'd *hand bead* a dress to give it a giraffe from the bottom of the dress to the top. He left no detail unnoticed. I don't know how he had the patience for that, but he truly was an artist.

While the entrepreneurial spirit and inner artist may have been passed down in my DNA, that insanely high level of patience got watered down a little along the way.😉

I love fun name histories. If you have one I'd love to heard about it in the comments below! 💌

Also, I'd love to hear how you thought my name was pronounced before I told you. 😅

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