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"Everything is Unfolding Perfectly" - Plus 20 other affirmations to feel good right now

The only thing stopping us from feeling better in any moment is our own thoughts. Which is wild. I recently went through three weeks of illness, feeling like I'd never get better and getting so hung up on my fears of feeling sick. This exact mentality was keeping me from experiencing happiness even while physically ill. I had to choose to see things differently.

Once I did, not only did I start to feel better emotionally, my physical illness lessened it's grip as well.

No matter what you're going through, it's always a good time to relax into the trusting and knowing that the Universe truly is conspiring in your favor. Everything truly is working out in your highest most loving good. If you need help with that, listen to the meditation above from the Incandescent podcast (today's message is inspired by Chris O'Hearn of the Strong Within Weekly Affirmation Podcast), or try these 3 steps, using the following 20 affirmations as your guide.

Step 1: Become more aware of your physical body right now.

Notice your breath. Become aware of the skin on your bones. Feel the clothes on your back. The air on your skin.

Step 2: Affirm to yourself:

  • Everything is unfolding perfectly

  • I truly cannot get it wrong.

  • I feel the Universe conspiring in my favor.

  • It feels like every action I take leads me to the next highest, most loving outcome.

  • Everything just simply keeps unfolding perfectly.

  • It feels like I’m being led and guided by love.

  • I feel the perfect people coming to me at the perfect times.

  • I feel the perfect inspiring action flowing through me in the perfect ways.

  • Even if I don't know why something is happening, I trust it is in my best interest.

  • I love feeling like everything is working out for me.

  • Everything feels natural, effortless, and joyful.

  • I take one divine step after another, as golden opportunities keep showing up and I keep taking them.

  • I keep allowing myself to trust my intuition, my inner guidance.

  • I say “yes” to what is best for me.

  • I say “no”, easily, to that which is not.

  • I relax into knowing that it’s all working out perfectly.

  • I feel so good, as I relax into the knowing that all is working out for me.

  • I let myself follow inspired ideas, even if they scare me.

  • I trust I am being guided and love how supported that makes me feel.

  • Thank you Universe for providing me with the perfect opportunities and allowing my life to unfold before me in the highest most loving way.

  • I am grateful for all this life has to offer, and I take none of it for granted.

Step 3: Breathe in deeply and feeling these affirmations as your truth.

You are exactly where you need to be. Be proud of where you are right now.

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