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5 Ways to earn extra income during coronavirus outbreak while still social distancing

Note: there are affiliate links in this email

As of March 24th, at 9:43am EST, I am happy to report that my life is still business as usual. This is because I have a mix of work that is all done online and includes voice overs, music composition and memberships.

But I've seen many of my friends and loved ones go through changes in their work and income. Some are happy about it as it simply allows for more family time. Others, not so much.

So, if you're looking to have fun with a side hustle you can do from home (especially ideas to keep your kids busy) or if your business model needs a tweak to keep going during these times, I've compiled some resources for you to help you out. I can't guarantee your earnings (duh) but I can guarantee that you can have fun while giving these things a try. Especially if you follow your interests!

1. Create an Online Etsy Printable Business

Are you creative? Do you love making things on Canva or PicMonkey? I've got the course for you!!

My friend, (and teacher! - I'm in her Pinterest for Podcasters course which is also phenomenal), Kelsey Henry of the brand Positively Delighted, is in the top 7% of Etsy businesses all from a work from home business model where she makes printable coloring pages. This business model has no inventory, no physical products (well she did expand to that later on, but it's not necessary if that's not your jam), and best of all - it's just fun!!

In her course, "Create and Etsy Printable Business" she teaches you how you can have fun from home making printable products on Etsy successfully. Even if this just brings in a few hundred dollars into your bank account each month, it's a great way to earn a little extra cash while having fun. You can even get your children involved!

  • In Jan 2019, she opened an Etsy shop with 16 products in three weeks and had my first sale within an hour. 🎉

  • She made $500 in sales in her first two months. 💵

  • She sold positive affirmation coloring pages with unicorns, llamas, and mermaids for little girl's birthday parties around the world. 🦄 (How fun is that?)

  • She was invited to speak about selling Etsy printable products in an online event with over 35 expert speakers on making money for travelers. 🌎

  • She has a blast every day making new fun coloring pages that uplifts her audience and makes a difference in the world!

  • Oh, and in less than a year, she made it into the top 7% of Etsy sellers IN THE WORLD.

2. Do Voiceover Work

(Picture: Me in my "home studio" literally a selfie taken while writing this blog post 😁)

You may think you need a professional studio to do this, but truth be told, I booked over 100 professional recording gigs with the set up of just my laptop and a Blue Yeti microphone. If you already have a laptop, you can use free software, like Audacity and your start up cost is under $100 for the microphone. You can put yourself out there on Fiverr and you and your children can have fun reading scripts together. I started my gigs for $5 for 5 min meditation recordings. I didn't have great audio quality when I started but at $5 it was a good rate for my quality. I built up reviews and learned what I was doing, and as my quality improved, so did my rates. I now earn more on Fiverr most weeks than I used to at my full time job.

3. Freelance on Upwork

If you sign up for Upwork, you are instantly able to see who's looking for freelance help for various types of skills. If you're good at data entry, SEO, writing, graphic design, music, voice over, etc., you can sign up and browse/apply for all sorts of jobs. I've seen some crazy jobs out there (like someone looking for a ghostwriter to write their entire book for $40) but I've also had some great work and great relationships built on that platform.

4. Become a Meditation Maker

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of businesses and apps looking for people to make meditations for their business. This is my primary income. I make custom meditations for businesses.

And you can do it too! I offer a membership to learn how to do it. You get lessons, scripts, and royalty free background music every month starting at just $11.97/month. The doors to this membership are open 3/28 -4/4. Learn more here.

5. Create an Online Course

If you're an expert in something in your field and you can't do your job right now, you can at least use this time to create a course that teaches this job to others. Learn more at


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