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You Are Exactly Where You Are Meant To Be

(Scroll to bottom for meditation to help you feel this way)

Our reality is based on how we choose to see the world. You can view everything as if it's happening for you, or to you. It's simply a choice, and it's entirely in your hands.

This doesn't mean to just pretend that whatever you're going through makes you happy even if it doesn't. You can be real with how you feel, but choose to be open to creative possibilities for whatever it is you are going through to be exactly what you need in some way shape or form.

I've been going through a situation where I was being lied to, manipulated and taken for granted, and the people-pleaser in me could barely see it at first. Of course, once I did I felt like I was in the Wizard of OZ and the curtain had just been pulled back. I couldn't unsee the truth.

Did it hurt? Yes. Did digging up old stories about why this may be happening in my life cause me to feel pain and discomfort? You betchya! But that's not a bad thing!!! Honoring your emotions - and your wounds - is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself.

I also had to set the boundaries to make sure this doesn't happen again, but here's the thing, this isn't my first rodeo being taken for granted or manipulated. This means it will keep happening until I heal whatever it is within me that's welcoming in these lessons.

And that's all they are. Lessons.

Nothing to take personally. Nothing to be mad at. And certainly nothing bad.

You could of course choose to see them that way, as bad, but if you're the one responsible for how you view the world, why choose to see yourself as a victim? I mean, you certainly can. I did for years! And that isn't wrong either, I'm just saying that you have choice. Now I choose to learn and grow and change the underlying beliefs within me that have attracted circumstances I no longer desire to have in my life.

I view them as data, giving me more clues about what I truly want. Sometimes we learn what we want best by learning about what we don't want.

Do you need help feeling like everything is happening as it should? Enjoy this positive affirmation meditation below.

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