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New Podcast: Incandescent Podcast - An Unconventional Meditation Podcast

If you've been looking for a way to incorporate meditation into your life but you just don't feel ready to commit to sitting in stillness, I've got the next best thing for you!

When I first started meditating six years ago I would listen to guided meditations while going for walks or while cooking dinner. I didn't think I could sit still, but what I found is that by listening to meditations while doing other things, I was more present in the tasks I was doing. Furthermore, it created a bridge for me to more traditional meditation and longer sits.

This is why I've created the Incandescent Podcast- An Unconventional Meditation Podcast. Three days/week you get positive affirmations set to beautiful music that you can listen too while sitting in stillness or while at your desk at work. Each episode is around 10 minutes and makes the perfect break in your work day, or the best way to wake up with a positive mindset.

Listen to this episode designed to give you more details about how this podcast works.

And if you're ready to try, this meditation is the perfect one to use to turn any moment into a meditation. Yes, every moment can be a waking meditation. Let this episode show you how!

Want more? Go here to learn more or subscribe where ever you listen to podcasts.



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