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Are "bad" things really bad?

So often we run away from what we perceive as "bad," and in doing so we miss out on a lot of valuable lessons and opportunities.

In this week's Monday's with Marisa, I shine a light on how viewing things as bad can actually be detrimental to our growth.

If you have something in your life you've been viewing as bad, it's time to get a little more creative.

The brain loves to find evidence of our beliefs. When we believe something is bad, the brain continually gives us evidence to prove it as such. When we instead look at something that is seemingly "bad" and open up to creative possibilities to see it's truth (love), then our brain actively seeks out ways to unlock the wonders in the experience.

In my quick video (less than 5 minutes), you'll see an example of how I've used this in my life and how you can instantly view something bad as good.

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