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The ONLY Comparison You Need

From the time we are born we are taught how to compare things.

Colors, shapes, sounds, textures, tastes…

And at first it makes a lot of sense. We need these skills to survive after all.

But then, either via societal norms or explicit teachings, we learn to start comparing people. More specifically, we start comparing ourselves to others.

We begin to pick up beliefs about what makes people better than others and start applying it to ourselves.

We compare skin colors, body types, genders, sexual orientations, careers, marital status, and an endless list of other qualities about people that are only superficially relevant.

Often when we’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram's newsfeed, we stop and feel inferior when we see someone posting something that triggers in us a feeling of “not being good enough.”

Or, equally as unhealthy, we see something that causes us to feel superior.

All of this is an illusion.

While it’s necessary to understand how to discern the differences between various aspects of our reality, it is NOT necessary to compare ourselves to others.

In fact, it’s not even useful.

It plays into an illusion of separation. It causes pain. It deepens our attachment to finding worthiness from an external source.

But there is a replacement for all of this comparison.

And it’s super easy, fun and loving.

All you have to do, the next time you start feeling yourself comparing some aspect about your life to someone else’s, is to pause and then compare that thought with the thought your inner being is having at that very moment.

That’s right, the comparison between your current thought and the thought of your inner being is the only comparison you need.

Your inner being is the all-loving, all-knowing aspect of you that is centered in your truth: that you are love, you are perfect, you are divine, and you are exactly where you need to be doing exactly what it is you need to do.

The next time you have a comparison thought, just pause without judgement and compare your current thought to the thought of your inner being for an instant positive shift in your emotional state.

Catch a video version of this lesson here. If you like the video, click like and subscribe for more.

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