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I left the job I loved to follow my dreams...

Last week I left my job to launch my business, write a book, and record an album with just enough money for 2 months of no extra earnings if for some reason my business stops making money...

This is what they call a “leap of faith." But, honestly, I had to do it. Every part of my being was shouting: “LEAP!”

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck doing something, but know you have a higher calling? Almost like an itching under your skin that you can’t quite seem to scratch?

I felt that way for years and thought I had to have a steady 9-to-5 to make ends meet. In fact, I finally found an ideal day job that allowed me to do work that I loved doing, that also was making a difference, while giving me time to start a coaching business on the side. Everything seemed like it was lining up...

However, as soon as my higher calling revealed itself to me in full form, everything changed.

I started going into work with constant “downloads” (a beautiful flowing of ideas that feel divine in nature) that were keeping my mind outside of work. Creative ideas were flowing that I knew would be of a high service in this world if I only followed through with them.

Trouble was, after work each day I was already working on my coaching business, leaving little time to fully express my creativity. I had a book, an album and multiple talks coming to me as I drove into work each day. All this content felt like it was being GIVEN to me to share with the world. Of course, then I’d get into work and by the time I left I was much less inspired and had my coaching business to run so the creative side wasn’t being brought to light in the way I knew it should be.

When we’re given beautiful images of ways we can serve, and then we ignore them, we create this sharp dissonance in our bodies and minds. We feel off-balance, stressed, unwell. I think so much of my suffering from teenage years throughout most of my 20’s was largely from living a life out-of-alignment with my truth. I, like you, have gifts to share with this world and dreams of how I can serve. When I was trying to make those gifts and dreams fit in with jobs that already existed, it was like trying to run a marathon in a vat of molasses; it made me feel “stuck”, annoyed, and left me with little progress to show for myself each day. Additionally, it was slightly sweet and therefore was tricking me into thinking I was in the right place. I kept saying “it’s not that bad, there’s a lot to like.”

It doesn’t matter if there’s a lot to like about what you’re currently doing when it’s not in alignment with your highest purpose. All you are doing is killing time. Yes, yes, you are always exactly where you are meant to be, but if you’re feeling a pulling to do something else, something bold, something uniquely you, and you’re ignoring it...the world is missing out. Not to mention that it's also very likely that your body and emotions are taking a beating for it. When we're not in sync with what we desire and what our soul knows we are here to do, it can create all sorts of physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Additionally, there are people waiting for you to rise into your light and shine it as a guidepost for them to move forward. When you hold yourself back from that, you’re also holding them back.

Here’s the thing. You contracted in this life to help certain people by sharing your gifts. When you do not do this, they miss out. They go without. They struggle as they wait for you to rise and shine.

I have 2 months to write my book, create my talks, record my music and really get my coaching business off the ground. I have no specific back-up plan. And of course, I have longer than that if I'm being real with myself, but my goal is to just CREATE every single day for two full months. I commit myself to expressing the divine creativity that is flowing through me and it feels BEAUTIFUL to commit to that!

While some might say that’s crazy, I say it’s crazy NOT to follow my dreams. Everyone who ever made something big of their life and helped others in a big way (which is a huge part of my mission), had to take risks. Quite honestly, it doesn’t feel like a risk anyway because I know I am supported by the Universe. Also, worst-case scenario, I know my business can at least bring in some income and I can also get part-time work. There’s always ways for money to come in. I cannot waste any time being worried about that...especially when I know my message is needed now. The stakes truly are high. The world needs MORE light, not for us to run from our own light in fear that it’s not enough for ourselves and those around us. It is my duty to shine.

I’m going to share with you the knowledge I have that helps me each day with staying grounded in knowing that I am on the right path by taking this leap of faith. Say these phrases to yourself out loud or in your mind as you read them. Really feel the truth behind each of them:

  • I am here to be of service.

  • My natural state is radiant abundance and wellbeing

  • My gifts are a part of my highest purpose

  • When I share my gifts with the world, I encourage others to do the same

  • The world needs more people to stand in their authentic light right now

  • I am here to help people by using my gifts, they are waiting for me

If you feel dissonance with the statement “my natural state is radiant abundance and wellbeing” I highly recommend the book “The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. In this book you will be led to thoughts that bring you into alignment with your natural state of abundance, joy, service and wellness.

I feed myself a steady diet of motivational books and meditations. I make it a priority to sit in stillness and welcome in loving guidance from the Universe every single day. I follow the flow of inspiration when it comes. I know I am fully supported by the Universe and the the old paradigm of having to work a 9-to-5 to make ends meet is no longer the way to best support myself and the world. For many people yes, it may be that their day job is a part of their beautiful calling, but if you’re reading this article, it’s likely that’s not you. If a part of you is screaming to listen to another way, get curious about it. Don’t shut it up. Listen to the divine guidance you receive. Honor and recognize its truth. Give it space to let it live and grow.

I had been working on growing my audience and business for 18 months before making this leap of faith. A huge part of that was taking time each day to tune into the guidance I receive after asking to be led towards my greatest purpose. For the past four and a half years I have been starting each day with an intention to be used for the highest service. Each day I am led towards more and more clarity around this. Each day I serve more and more from a place of love and positivity.

If you feel this calling for something greater, it doesn’t have to start with a leap of faith into the unknown. Instead, start by opening up each day with the intention to be of the highest service. I love the prayer of St. Francis for this reason. You can also keep it simple and start each morning by saying “thank you Universe for making me a vessel for the highest and best most loving good to flow through me.” See where this leads you.

For me, over the course of the past four and a half years, it has led me to the moment where the pain of holding back my light was greater than the leap into the unknown where I could shine it fully. I’m writing a book, I’m preparing different talks, I’m creating more online courses and I’m allowing my creativity to flow through me all day long.

I live in a state of abundance, and abundance flows to me when I stand in my truth and shine my light. Universe keeps supporting me, just as it supports us all. I challenge you not to leave your job, but to surrender each day to a higher purpose. See what develops as you surrender to source and say “Thank you for making me a vessel for the highest and best most loving good.” See where this takes you. Follow each step. Know you are supported, especially when you are in alignment with your truth because when you are, you are of the greatest service to the world.

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