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My Top 3 Lessons from Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1, 2017

I’ve been reflecting on my experience at Spirit Junkie Masterclass from this weekend and while I still have more integration work to do (this weekend was so powerful I’ll be working on integration for a while!), I at least wanted to share what stands out to me as the THREE BIGGEST lessons I took away.

Now, I could probably write a book of all the lessons I’ve learned from Spirit Junkie Masterclass (perhaps someday I will!), but for now there are 3 lessons dying to come out of me to share with you because they are so powerful and I wish I had truly learned them long ago.

These 3 lessons are also highly intertwined and build off one another so be sure to read this in its entirety for the full effect of each lesson.

Lesson 1: The work is not about you.

Take a minute to think about that. It’s something I thought I understood, but it took on a whole new meaning for me this weekend. I always thought this meant it’s about the people I’m serving. That’s only part of the story. The work is about what God, Source, Universe, whatever you believe in, put you here to do. You are a channel, a vessel. It is your job to heal your mind and in doing so help others to heal their own. There is a greater version of what you’re meant to do than anything you can dream, so allow Universe to work through you.

This leads me to #2.

Lesson 2: Give it up.

Whenever we hold onto making something happen, or use our own strength to accomplish something, we’re holding back from creating our work in the highest and most loving way. We cannot rely on our own strength and expect the largest impact. We must give it up to the care of the Universe. When you have a vision of how you want to change the world, how you wish to be of service, definitely take the steps you feel called to take, but all along the way you must welcome in guidance. Never again must you feel that you are doing this alone.

Remember lesson 1?

This ain’t about you, darling! So give it up. God, Source, Universe (whatever higher power that moves you) has a plan bigger than you can imagine. Be a servant of your guides, of a higher loving power, and you will be able to do more than you thought possible.

Not sure what your highest purpose is? Release it to the care of your inner guide and ask for support. You do not need to figure everything out on your own. You have a team of guides, angels and higher beings just begging to be of service to you, just dreaming of the day you turn to them and say “will you help me?” So give it up to them.

And if you’re still not sure what your highest purpose is, read lesson #3.

Lesson 3: Most of us spend our lives dancing around the perimeter of our highest purpose.

I’ve read Gabby’s quote - “Don’t dance around the perimeter of who you’re meant to be. Dive in fully and completely.” - probably a hundred times but never fully got the meaning. I was always like, “yeah that’s nice, but how?”

I learned through a Q&A with Rha Goddess and Gabby that most of us spend our life dancing around the perimeter of our highest purpose, but never fully dive into the depths of what we can do. For example, all my life I’ve loved playing guitar and being a youth worker, but I’ve played small in these areas of my life. I have a HUGE responsibility to help change the youth work world as well as to inspire creatives to get their music, art and writing out there to help heal the planet and I’ve never fully committed to that.

Look at the careers or hobbies you’ve been drawn to. There’s a bigger purpose hidden in there somewhere. Ask for guidance around what it is and then dive in fully to the ways in which you are to be of services in these areas.

This leads me back, like a loop, to lesson #1: It’s only when we stay committed to healing our mind that the possibilities of our we can fully give to this world begin to arise. The work is not about us, so get on your knees and ask to be of service today. Trust and know that you are being guided.

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