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How to Record a Guided Meditation FOR FREE!

So you've been thinking of recording a guided meditation but don't know where to begin. It can be pretty overwhelming and seem unattainable at first, but it turns out there is a great (and FREE) way to get started and I am so happy to teach you how. It may not yield the highest of quality recordings, but it's a fantastic way to get started!

First off, you'll need the following:

Once you download your free music editing software, you can add an MP3 or WAV file of your royalty free background meditation music as a track.

Next, add another track on top of the background music and record your guided meditation using your on-computer microphone.

Make sure you listen with headphones on and off. Test it out both ways and make sure you have volumes adjusted properly to hear it either way, because you don't know how your listeners will choose to listen.

Once you've recorded your audio over the background track and you like the way it sounds, export/bounce (depending on the program) your tracks into one MP3 file and you have a FREE guided meditation of your own!!!

So simple!

Obviously this doesn't go into using the free audio software, but I have found Audacity and their tutorials to be comprehensive enough that it doesn't take much time to navigate and I know you're capable of figuring it out!

Down the line I will make another tutorial with the software/instruments I use to create my guided meditations.

Share any meditation tracks you make in the comments section below. Remember, if you use free background tracks from BenSound you always need to provide credit.

Have fun creating!

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