Six Week Healing Program


3 healers, 6 weeks, & 18 healings, to a more abundant you...

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No more trying to manifest.

No more sleepless nights wondering where the money is coming from.

No more seeking abundance outside of your self.

No more worrying about debt.

You are worth more than money, and it's time you relax into your naturally abundant state, without any effort on your part.

That's where we come in.

Intuitive spiritual therapist and reiki healer, creating transformative experiences via retreats across the country.

Chelsie Skowyera

Creator of hundreds of meditations for apps and businesses around the world.

Marisa Imon

Emotion code & body code practitioner with certifications in 7 holistic healing modalities.

Rebecca Packard

This isn't exactly a training.

This isn't exactly coaching.

This is targeted healing in three different modalities, designed to help YOU become your most prosperous self....

And just in time for the holidays! 

Join us for 6 weeks of meditation, reiki and emotions code healings to help you feel the abundance and prosperity in and around you throughout the holidays. 

No need to seek financial security outside yourself. You are the Universe expressing itself and the Universe is security, therefore, you are your own financial security. It's already within you.

Week 1:

"I am my own security"

Let go of feeling weak and incapable of following dreams. Step into the confident being you are when you live from your connection to Source.

Week 3:

"I boldly move into the life I desire"

You are naturally abundant. You are worth more than money in every aspect. You can appreciate money while respectfully living in your highest worth (which is above finances). In this week you will see your worth using your intuition.

Week 5:

"I Know My Worth"

Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions as you realize the world around you is no coincidence. You are responsible for all of your circumstances and therefor capable of changing them.

Week 2:

"I manifest the world around me."

Your past trauma lives within you until you love it enough to let it move on. This week we accept the light and the dark with unconditional love. 

Week 4:

"I open to endless unconditional love."

In this week you fully rise above. You fully step into your highest truth and potential for this current timeline in your life. You will recognize that you are worth more than money and feel a divine prosperity within you, while having the confidence and direction to take action. Connect to the abundance and prosperity of the cosmos. Be one with the entire Universe expressing itself through you. There is no shortage, there is no lack, unless you believe there is. When you feel your oneness with the Universe, any belief in lack cannot co-exist.

Week 6:

"I am all."

How Does it Work?

Tune in from the comfort of your own home 1 day/week for six weeks while Marisa leads you through a channeled visualization from your guides on that week's topic. While she does that, Chelsie will be giving you reiki, and Rebecca will remove blocked, trapped or hidden emotions that are keeping you from being your most prosperous self.  If you can't make it, you will still receive the healings and after each call, you will receive the meditations delivered to your inbox mixed to peaceful music to enjoy over and over.

When Does It Start?

We will meet virtually on Mondays from 8-9:30pm EST starting Nov. 18th through Dec. 23rd, helping you relax into abundance throughout the holidays.

What if I Can't Make it Live?

No worries, we got you! You will still receive both reiki and emotion code healings, plus all meditations will be sent out the next day mixed to peaceful music so you can listen over and over again for life! 

How Much is This?

We want you to feel abundant even in the investment you make in this healing series. Because of that we've offered different payment options to make this easy and fun.


Pay one time by Nov. 11th - $299

Pricing after 11/11

One time payment: $444

Three payments: $149

Six payments: $77

6 Payments

3 Payments

1 Payment

Early Bird Gifts

The first 10 people who sign up will receive :

1 - Bonus abundance meditation (Value: $33)

1 - Video lesson on money from Dave Ramsey (Value: $100 )

1- Downloadable Abundance Journal (Value $19)

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