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"I Am" Meditation

Unleash your super powers!

Have you been feeling a calling to do something more with your life but feel "stuck" somehow? There is a massive conscious awakening happening on the planet and you are likely feeling the call to rise and lift to your highest potential but aren't sure exactly how. Sometimes we may have direction, but aren't sure how to follow it and other times we feel a calling to do "something else" but just are not sure what it is. Often when we move into stillness and listen to our intuition the messages come forward, the path becomes clear. To do this we need to align, balance and heal the energies in our chakras, the energetic centers of our bodies. 

This healing musical meditation sends loving vibrations throughout your body to activate your chakras, raise their frequency and allow you to better utilize all of your special "super powers": your intuition, your ability to manifest, your creativity, your ability to send and receive love, your communication skills - all this and more will be unlocked and awakened. 

If your intention is to raise your vibrational state to better connect with the gifts you are here to deliver on this planet, then may this channeled message serve you for the highest and best most loving good!

For a limited time the meditation is only $11.11, so take advantage and treat yourself to an experience that is like bathing in musical light. 

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I just had the most amazing pleasure of listening to Marisa's healing meditation song, "I Am" and it blew me away. I am very familiar with Marisa's music, but this meditation song was a game changer. When listening to this, I immediately felt connected. I am extremely energy sensitive and automatically felt my energy being whisked away to a higher vibrational state. It as clear that Marisa created I Am with high vibrations and loving intentions. This is an amazing investment if you want to keep your energy in a beautiful vibration while listening to something that is fun, uplifting and catchy. The healer Marisa is lives on through her music!!! Thank you for sharing your gift, Marisa!!!

~Marisa Conte, Spiritual Teacher, Transformational Life Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer
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