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Oct 26, 2023, 7:30 PM

What is Free Satan, you ask?

We'd tell you, but we're really not sure ourselves. It was created as a talk show parody to highlight and promote the feeling of oneness that gets created when we can all see - and laugh at - some of the weirder and harder parts of life that we all have to go through. Compassion, inner freedom and self acceptance is at the heart of all the content created for Free Satan, even if its outer appearance has looked like someone hammering a nail into her head, someone sharing a personal story about wanting his mother’s skull, or someone being possessed by the spirit of another comedian. This month has more characters than your Sunday paper's comic section. But, let's face it, you don't read the paper so that number is 0 because you don't even have a paper, but if you did that would maybe apply. Also, there's a costume competition for YOU, the audience. AND so many amazing performers. Come celebrate our FINAL EPISODE of the season!

Meet the Cast:


Seth Chatfield / Sethus MxTree (They/them)

Seth Chatfield is an actor, filmmaker, musician and artist based in New Hampshire. Indie horror fans may know them as the villainous Grando from retro-French-lesbian-vampire underground hit “Blood of the Tribades,” or terrible detective Frank Dobson from the satirical “Clickbait,” but Seth wears many hats. But really, no actual hats. This month they are premiering their fourth short film, “Good Looking Out” at a number of festivals both local and far-flung, and can often be found doing sketch comedy & weird improv things, performing apocalyptic emotionally-driven folk music, creating theoretical machines from small metal junk or holding gong baths & dancing right here in Brattleboro at Sidestream Studio. 

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Sonic Hepburn (they/he/she/it)

Sonic is the creator of Free Satan and host for the evening. You may have heard their music in the Netflix series Lucifer which is quite fitting as they'll be singing a love song to Satan in this episode.

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Sean Rohberon (He/Him/They)

Sean Rohberon is the Special Events Coordinator of the Bellows Falls Opera House in Bellows Falls Vermont. 10 years of youth programming since 2007, 10 years of community theater programming since 2012. Sean is a Director, Writer, Actor, and Coordinator by trade, but whose passions are fighting in armor with real weapons, the outdoors, animals and earthly welfare.

About Sean's Act:

Sean and their partner Kimm Rohberon are performing an original piece.

Jared Hall

Jared is a three-time Seven Daysies "Best Stand-Up Comic" loser, and was recently rejected from the prestigious Just for Laughs festival in Montreal. He runs a monthly show at Vermont Comedy Club, the most recent one only bringing in 5 audience members!. (Sorry he is here)

jared hall.jpeg
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Jared and Kaitie are....DATING! They are the winners of Vermont Comedy Club's March Madness Twoprov Competition (2022). The duo includes Seven Daysies "Best Actor in Vermont" (two years running) and the winner of Vermont's Funniest Comedian (2022). They are the least powerful power-couple in history. Thank you, let's party! 


Sarita / Ms. Lavender Lovegood (She/Her)

Ms. Lavender is a facilitator and artist who advocates for erotic sovereignty and promotes the power of play as a tool for healing, connection and self-discovery.  She is Co-Founder of EveryBody Burlesque, teaches burlesque classes at Everglow Wellness in Keene, and facilitates Sense and Sensuality workshops at Sidestream Studio in Brattleboro and Everglow Wellness.

About Ms. Lavender's Act:

Coming soon.

More updates coming soon!

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Kaitie Bessette (she/her)

Kaitie Bessette is a truly one-of-a-kind stand-up comedian with a quirky, edgy flair. She is the other half of of the imrpov duo voted best in Vermont in 2022, "Dating." She will be performing both stand-up and improv at this month's episode.

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