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Free (&low cost) Resources for Coronavirus

Tons of tools (for kids & adults) to help you deal with anxiety, social distancing and how to earn more income from home


About Marisa's Freebies

Hey love! I'm Marisa! 👋I'm a super intense creative that feels everything. I know what it's like to need a lot of emotional support so I'm sharing a bunch of products and services I've made to help you during this time. Some involve opt-ins, others don't. It's a choose your own adventure if you will - which I hope you will! Keep reading to discover the various tools you can use and see what's best for you. So glad you're here, you amazing human being you!

Super hero meditations

Get a meditation and a superhero challenge in your inbox every Monday for a year - for free!



This website is the best place to get all sorts of free meditations for coronavius.

Virtual Meditation "Meet-Ups" for Children & Youth

UnlEash Your Divine Creativity

This course designed to open up your creativity is usually $36.99 but is free right now.

More Freebies

My bestselling book

MY VIP Community with Custom Meditations

Subliminal & Supraliminal Sleep Messages and Daily Affirmations

Free Journaling Exercise

My favorite journaling exercise for anxiety and depression is available here.

Free & Low Cost earning ideas

Earn from home having fun with your kids.

Free Crystal healing Resources

Learn how to use oracle cards

This fun, easy to follow video lesson will help you gain insight in your life.

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