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Creative Souls Ascension

A digital course with group coaching designed to help you own and share your divine creative gifts

Do you have creative gifts that are overlooked and underused? 

Do you have a sense that you have a higher purpose in this life but you don't know exactly what it is?

Were you born with a DEEP desire to make this world a better place?

Are you tired of giving and giving and giving of yourself and still not feeling like you're making as big of an impact as you wish to leave in this world?

Do you wish you had more courage and confidence to follow your heart's dreams?

Are you ready to commit yourself to discover and LIVE UP TO your highest purpose???

Your highest purpose on this planet involves you utilizing your beautiful gifts (whether it be writing, drawing, painting, singing, or any other creative art) in a way that makes you feel wonderfully lifted while helping the maximum amount of people possible in your lifetime.

It is a part of MY life's highest purpose to help other "creative-healers" (people with creative gifts that - believe it or not - heal...ahem...YOU!) find their highest potential using the creative gifts they were born to share on this planet. 

Then you are in the perfect place!!!!


Imagine yourself free of your limiting beliefs, diving into your creative gifts, living abundantly and freely following your heart's desires while being of service to the world.

That can be your reality!

Working with Marisa has been LIFE CHANGING! She helped me ‘out my fears’ and realize how silly they sounded while still being grateful for having them. She never made me feel dumb for my fears just coached me through them! If you’re considering working with Marisa, I would say DO IT!! No regrets! She helped me get over something that I honestly never would have admitted I had even thought of getting over!! I feel more equipped to overcome anything that comes my way. Working with Marisa has been amazing!!

Chelsea Armstrong

What's Included?

6 pre-recorded modules that walk you through the process of busting down your fears related to sharing your work, identifying your deepest life desires, aligning with your soul's purpose, and learning how to manifest the life you want. (value: $600)

6 guided meditations to enhance every lesson. (value $120)

6 Editable/printable "Heartwork" assignments designed to take you deeper into the work of uncovering your gifts and living in your authentic truth. (value $120)

Access to a private Facebook group with other students where you can share goals and progress and find accountability buddies to help you spread your creative message!

4, 60 min group coaching sessions. This time is used to help you uncover blocks, deepen manifestation techniques and get business and website design advice to earn for your work. (value: $444)


  • One targeted energy healing that comes with bonus coaching to help you release blocks keeping you from expressing your creativity. (value: $197)

  • FREE download of the "I Am" healing meditation (value: $22)

Total Value: $1,459, YOURS FOR JUST $888!!!

The Modules

Module 1

Out your fears & return them to love

In module 1 we boldly get brutally honest about how our fears have been holding us back from expressing and OWNING our divine creativity. Without judgement, we recognize when we detoured into fear and how that is keeping us from living a life of our greatest imagination. Together we work to overcome these fears and learn the tools necessary to live a life guided by love, instead of living a life controlled by fear. This allows us to more easily, readily and joyously express ourselves through our creative work!

Get clear on your deepest desires

Module 2

In this module we get super clear about not just what we want in this world but why we want it. Why do you want to share your art? Your writing? Your music? How do you want your creative work to help heal the world? During this work, we also continue to uncover fears under every desire to ensure we align with the highest versions of our desires possible. Together we do the work to open up to creative possibilities to receive our desires and get clear on what they truly are, especially as they relate to our soul’s purpose. 

Module 3

Discover and unlock your soul's purpose

In module 3 we gain clarity on our soul’s purpose. Have you been feeling like you were born with a calling and need to do something specific with your life but you don’t know what it is? Well, sweetpea, you were! And together we’re gonna begin the process of getting crystal clear about your path in life, especially as it relates to the creative gifts you have to offer this planet.

Module 4

Manifesting Miracles: 101

In this module we get a crash course in the laws and principals of manifestation. Maybe you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, or watched the movie, "The Secret." Maybe you’ve always thought this manifestation schiznit was a load of BS. Well, my life and many, many, many of my client's and mentor’s lives, are proof that when you change your vibe you change your life. The trouble is, there’s a lot of misleading information out there. Together we get clear on the basic and simple steps that will help you attract the life you love, leading a life of your highest purpose. This is key to living a life where you are divinely guided to express your creative gifts and share them with the world. If you want to make an impact with your gifts, knowing how to energetically align to do so makes all the difference.

Module 5

Making money for your great work!

In module 5 we overcome limiting beliefs that block us from receiving income for our dreams. Your income doesn’t have to come from working a 9-5 anymore. There’s NOTHING wrong with that, and for many people that’s fully a part of their life’s purpose, but here’s the thing: if you’ve been feeling like you have a different calling and you’re not sure what it is, do not limit your thinking to traditional careers. Maybe your path is non-traditional! How fun is that!? Together we explore ways to earn for your great work. This includes ways to start building a website, an email list, start creating passive income and ways to get your message out in our heartfelt, authentic way.

Module 6

Implementation Week!!!!

About Marisa

Marisa is an Intuitive Transformational Life Guide, Certified Reiki Healer and Intuitive Musician. 

With over 12 years of experience educating and two decades of writing music, she believes that the times of the "starving artist" are over for those who are ready to change their mindset around this myth and she is here to be the teacher for those ready to rise. Now more than ever, in the modern age of technology, there is a way for creatives to monetize their passions and live a life in alignment with their highest truth.


Her mission is to be the spark that ignites light in all those whose lives she touches. She believes deeply in the power that comes from following your heart's truest desires and trusting that the Universe really does have your back.

She has gone from being heavily medicated for multiple mental illnesses - including social anxiety that kept her from sharing her music - to being not only medication-free but living a life aligned with blissful action and in complete harmony with her gifts, proving that any hurdle can conjured. 

In the final module you take allll that you have learned from the previous 5 lessons to develop a 3, 6 and 9 month plan to bring our dreams into reality. You are not doing this alone. All students of this course commit to implementing their gifts to make this world a better place and use our private Facebook group as a home for accountability. When you’re in alignment with living a life of your desires and being of the greatest service to the world, you not only help others through your gifts, you also uplift the energy of the planet by maintaining higher vibe thoughts. In this week you set in motion a plan to do just that.

A love letter to you, my dear creative soul....

Dear creative soul,

My heart goes out to you. I am here to help lift you up and help you realign with your god-given abilities. You were born on this planet with a purpose and it is my purpose to help you realize that. I am a muse for the creatives just getting ready to emerge from the shell they've been living inside for so long. 

The belief that creativity can only be a hobby is a lie. 

The world NEEDS creatives! 

We all have been given gifts. When we chose to incarnate in this life, we agreed to a “soul contract." Then along the way, we let the everyday struggles and the life we think to be “reality” get in the way. We let society’s belief that “artists and musicians can’t make money” force us to seek alternative paths.


Well let me ask you this. How would you feel if you didn’t have your favorite playlist to turn to when you needed a pick-me-up? Or what if there were no more art galleries? Or movies? Jewelry? Books? Or awesome blog articles? Or any other creative work for that matter? How would you feel?


Every time you bask in the beauty of a Monet, or get carried off into a Universe where a talking tree and raccoon-like alien are best friends (any Marvel fans out there?), or allow all your worries to drift away as you play Bob Marley and soak up the sun (or pretend you are if you’re like me in a less-than-hospitable climate for half of the year), then you KNOW the power wielded by the people who took the leap to embrace their creativity.

Let me be the spark that ignites your light. Let me help you see the gifts inside you that the world needs NOW! Don't wait any longer to be this light! I am so here for you. Are you with me?

Marisa has a beautiful presence. Through her videos and music, she has made me realize that living passionately is the essence of life. She portrays happiness inside and out, it's a joy to be around such positivity. Marisa is an extremely giving person. Her energy work is amazing and so beautiful! She is patient and very kind. She is a joy to work with. She loves what she does so deeply, it definitely shows.

Marisa is a powerhouse and changing lives with her unique and soulful approach to guiding others! Her energy is pure, yet fierce and she commits fully to her clients. If you are ready for a radical transformation and to be guided by a coach who will over deliver, love you fully and show up with a pure enthusiasm for your transformation, then Marisa and this course are 100% for you!

Kristina Grgas

Entrepreneur, Developer of Natural Hair Products 

Nature Derived on Etsy

Andee Love

Spiritual Coach & Holistic Healer

Marisa is an amazing creative genius with a plethora of wisdom to offer the world. I always call her whenever I need practical spiritual advice to ground me back into reality. She has supported me in all of my endeavors and has pushed me hard to succeed. Her kind heart and talented soul is so easy to recognize in how she shares her message with people across the globe. Marisa puts all of her love into every single thing that she does because I have seen it and know how hard this radical woman works. Whether it be her music, her coaching, her healing, or even her knowledge- this gifted woman has it all. I love Marisa and endorse her work will full certainty that she will change your life (as she did to mine)! 

Marisa Conte

Energy Healer and Spiritual Life Coach


What can I expect from this course? 

You can expect to feel a shift in your confidence around your gifts of creativity.This course is designed to take you from a place of doubt and hesitation, to inner confidence and outward action. You will gain a community of like-minded soulful artists, writers, musicians and other creatives who are all going through the process of reclaiming their divine gifts TOGETHER. The community, the content and the healing will provide you with major shifts to help you align with your life purpose.

What if I don't currently make any money using my creative gifts?

Then you're in the right place! You do not need to currently have a business that is in alignment with your creativity, only the desire to create (pun intended) something more with your life that utilizes your gifts. You don't even need to know what it is you want to do yet, just a simple understanding that there's something more and that it has something to do with your creative abilities. We'll determine the rest together!

When does the program start?

As soon as you purchase the course, you will recieve an email granting you access and links on how to schedule coaching and healing sessions.

How will I receive the course content?

You will receive an email granting you access to all of the course content. The modules are taught in video format with editable/printable documents you can use for each module.

How do I schedule the healing and 1:1 coaching bonuses?

You will receive an email with links to my schedule.

What if I don't have time to start the course now? 

You have it forever! This course is at your own pace, so you can start when you are ready. And because you own this content forever, you can go through the the course as many times as you would like. I only ask that you schedule our coaching sessions within 6 months of purchasing the course.

Are you offering a payment plan? 

YES! You will find all of my payment options below.  

Can you guarantee results? 

Honestly, that part is on you honey. I give you all the tools you need and promise a massive shift, but ONLY if YOU do the work I provide you. 

More questions? Email 

Having any doubts?

I totally get that. Deciding to dive in and OWN your future can absolutely be terrifying. For me personally, I got to a point where it was scarier to stay living the way I was and always have this feeling like I could have done something more, than it was to invest money in my dreams. I have invested in over a half dozen courses and trainings in the past year to propel me forward and I am deeply grateful for all of the benefits I reaped by making these investments. My life is radically different and I am able to help more people because I said "yes" in my personal development.

If you are at all on the fence and would like guidance to make the decision, please reach out to me using the form below. It is a HUGE part of my mission to help creatives OWN their beautiful and unique gifts and help them RISE to share them with the world. I am here for you!

Before working with Marisa I had limiting beliefs surrounding income and whether or not you can make a living doing something you enjoy. My experience had told me I would never be able to support myself without a college degree or a grueling career in Corporate America. I was also experiencing serious issues with both my mental and physical health. As we completed work surrounding abundance I not only changed my mindset but actually witnessed opportunities being presented to me in the form of income, friendships, resources and support. My business grew in ways I had never expected. I realized I had actually been blocking income in the past by holding onto certain negative beliefs. Marisa helped me by providing writing exercises, journal topics, guided meditations, mantras and affirmations and most importantly a different perspective. Watching her videos gives me inspiration, hope and motivation. Talking with her helps me to out my fears, recognize negative thought patterns and identify ways I've been holding myself back. The best part is, she not only helped me to recognize these things but also offered alternative ways of thinking going forward. She guided me to all kinds of resources within and outside of myself that continue to help me each day. I've made a lasting decision to change. I know life will continue to be challenging at times but I feel more empowered and confident in myself than I ever have before in my life. I am finally feeling good about who I am.

Jessica Rushlow

Entrepreneur and Blogger 


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