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1:1 Coaching Programs

Connect with your divine truth, own your gifts, and rise to live up to your soul's contract on this Earth!

Do you have creative gifts that are overlooked and underused? 

Do you have a sense that you have a higher purpose in this life but you don't know exactly what it is?

Were you born with a DEEP desire to make this world a better place?

Do you wish you had more courage and confidence to follow your heart's dreams?

Are you ready to commit yourself to discover and LIVE UP TO your highest purpose???

Through 1:1 coaching, I help you get real about what's holding you back and learn techniques and strategies to uplift and reconnect with your authentic truth. I have gone from a life of debilitating mental illness and desperately over-working to barely make ends meet, to living a divinely guided life full of bliss and abundance while connecting with my gifts of creativity on a daily basis.

I provide a combination of Reiki healing + targeted transformational coaching with a focus on bringing out your creative gifts, to help you live up to your deepest desires while helping to heal the world. That's right, you are meant to help heal the world. That is a part of your soul's contract. Together we find out how you are meant to do that while learning how to manifest a life of your dreams. 

Then you are in the perfect place!!!!


Imagine yourself free of your limiting beliefs, diving into your creative gifts, living abundantly and freely following your heart's desires while being of service to the world.

That can be your reality!


"In the short time that I have known her, Marisa has managed to set my world and soul on fire with her words, presence, and energy. I have been blessed to work with Marisa on two fronts, healings and coaching. Her ability to love, connect, and soar with with me and my higher self is beyond words. Her healing not only set forth a physical change and energy increase but helped me to free my soul. Because of her and the amazing blessing she is I have not only become aligned with myself and higher spirit, I have found my voice again. Now I write without limits, my words flow like a raging river and I have discovered my pourpose. I have confidence in every step and when I walk it is in MY truth. Because of her I am starting my book and taking steps towards my own business. I don't suggest you work with Marisa simply because of what she has done for me, I suggest you work with her because of who she is as a person. A light of love who has been given an incredible gift of healing and a heart genuine heart for people. She truly is a light house in this storm of life."

Nathan Guerrin,

Love & Relationship Coach

Coaching Packages


(Value: $900)

What you get:

  • 3, 50 minute targeted coaching sessions where we get straight to the business of uncovering your life's purpose 

  • 3 self-paced heartwork assignments to help you dig deeper into the coaching work

  • 2 Reiki Healing + Emotional Reprogramming - These healings address physical, spiritual and emotional needs, with the aim of releasing you of the root cause of targeted blocks identified in our coaching calls.

What you get:

  • 10, 50 minute individual coaching calls where we work together to uncover fears/limiting beliefs, discover deepest life desires, create a plan for your soul's purpose, and learn how to manifest the life of your dreams. 

  • Individualized Heartwork assignments created for you to dive deeper into the work in between sessions.

  • 3 Reiki Healings + Mental/Emotional Reprogramming (1 per month). These will compliment the coaching work we do together with the aim of enhancing the empowering beliefs on which you are focusing on realigning.

  • Unlimited access to me via email and FB messenger during our 3 months together

  • Special offers for upcoming group coaching programs 

Have a question? Send it to me now!

Thanks lovey! I do my best to respond within 72 hours. I greatly appreciate your questions and look forward to being in touch.

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