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embrace Your

Creative genius

(formerly known as "Bust Your Creative Blocks")

Embrace your inner creatrix while enhancing your confidence around your natural creative gifts - whether you think you have any or not!


Hint: You do - And the world needs you to share them!



Just $40 for 4 Weeks of Creative Bliss!!!!


We start on the 1st of each month - join monthly for $25/month here.


Tap into your own ability of healing your blocks and fears to share your creative gifts with the world - even if you believe you don't have creative gifts to share.


Learn what your creative gifts are and become totally FIRED UP about sharing them with the world. Feel yourself AWAKEN to your own divine creativity.


Connect with other creatives for collaborative projects that bring out your unique strengths. Share your work on various social media platforms and gain experience sharing your creative work in a safe, loving and supportive environment.

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Jessica Rushlow

Entrepreneur and Blogger 

Before working with Marisa I had limiting beliefs surrounding income and whether or not you can make a living doing something you enjoy. My experience had told me I would never be able to support myself without a college degree or a grueling career in Corporate America. I was also experiencing serious issues with both my mental and physical health. As we completed work surrounding abundance I not only changed my mindset but actually witnessed opportunities being presented to me in the form of income, friendships, resources and support. My business grew in ways I had never expected. I realized I had actually been blocking income in the past by holding onto certain negative beliefs. Marisa helped me by providing writing exercises, journal topics, guided meditations, mantras and affirmations and most importantly a different perspective. Watching her videos gives me inspiration, hope and motivation. Talking with her helps me to out my fears, recognize negative thought patterns and identify ways I've been holding myself back. The best part is, she not only helped me to recognize these things but also offered alternative ways of thinking going forward. She guided me to all kinds of resources within and outside of myself that continue to help me each day. I've made a lasting decision to change. I know life will continue to be challenging at times but I feel more empowered and confident in myself than I ever have before in my life. I am finally feeling good about who I am.

Marisa is a powerhouse and changing lives with her unique and soulful approach to guiding others! Her energy is pure, yet fierce and she commits fully to her clients. If you are ready for a radical transformation and to be guided by a coach who will over deliver, love you fully and show up with a pure enthusiasm for your transformation, then Marisa and this course are 100% for you!

Andee Love

Spiritual Coach & Holistic Healer

Nathan Guerrin

Love and Relationship Coach


In the short time that I have known her, Marisa has managed to set my world and soul on fire with her words, presence, and energy. I have been blessed to work with Marisa on two fronts, healings and coaching. Her ability to love, connect, and soar with with me and my higher self is beyond words. Her healing not only set forth a physical change and energy increase but helped me to free my soul. Because of her and the amazing blessing she is I have not only become aligned with myself and higher spirit, I have found my voice again. Now I write without limits, my words flow like a raging river and I have discovered my pourpose. I have confidence in every step and when I walk it is in MY truth. Because of her I am starting my book and taking steps towards my own business. I don't suggest you work with Marisa simply because of what she has done for me, I suggest you work with her because of who she is as a person. A light of love who has been given an incredible gift of healing and a heart genuine heart for people. She truly is a light house in this storm of life."

Marisa is an amazing creative genius with a plethora of wisdom to offer the world. I always call her whenever I need practical spiritual advice to ground me back into reality. She has supported me in all of my endeavors and has pushed me hard to succeed. Her kind heart and talented soul is so easy to recognize in how she shares her message with people across the globe. Marisa puts all of her love into every single thing that she does. I know this because I have seen it and know how hard this radical woman works. Whether it be her music, her coaching, her healing, or even her knowledge- this gifted woman has it all. I love Marisa and endorse her work will full certainty that she will change your life (as she did to mine)! 

Marisa Conte

Energy Healer and Spiritual Life Coach

Working with Marisa has been LIFE CHANGING! She helped me ‘out my fears’ and realize how silly they sounded while still being grateful for having them. She never made me feel dumb for my fears just coached me through them! If you’re considering working with Marisa, I would say DO IT!! No regrets! She helped me get over something that I honestly never would have admitted I had even thought of getting over!! I feel more equipped to overcome anything that comes my way. Working with Marisa has been amazing!!

Chelsea Armstrong

Marisa is such a sweet soul. She has a beautiful energy and pours her heart & soul in what she does. You feel lovingly supported all the way through. She shares authentically and vulnerably, is always there to help you and always makes you feel like everything is perfect as it is. 



Jennifer Jabs

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