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Meditation Makers Club

Founding Membership Open from Aug 1st-Aug 4th

Sorry, plans are no longer available. Send me a message using form below if you'd like to know when it opens again.


Royalty-free tracks usually start at $20 - by end of year you'll have 36 songs for just $7 each! 

PLUS twelve scripts and lessons on how to record meditations for friends, family, and businesses (like app-developers). 

I'm only offering this for 12 months. I will open it up again halfway through the year, but they will NOT get previous month's music and price will go up.


When does this start?

After the cart closes I will email everyone the first month's content on August 5th. After that you will receive content on the first of each month. 

Do I get to choose the songs each month?

Nope, I send a random selection each month. Usually it's music not available to the general public. If one of the songs you get is something you purchased with me on a separate occasion, just let me know. I will check my sales records and if this is the case I will send you a different track.

Can I buy the membership for one month and then cancel just to take advantage of the good deal?

Sure! Be true to your heart, if that doesn't feel shady to you do it up!  I'm just a one-woman-show trying to help you help others through meditation. If instead you just need a few songs, please view my selection here.

What content will be covered in the monthly lessons?

The planned content for now includes lessons on how to get started as a freelance meditation creator, the ethics of making meditations, how to get started on a shoestring budget, the basics of editing and recording, and how to create your own meditation music. As we work together I'll take your Q&A's and turn them into lessons.

What if I'm not ready now?

I plan on opening the cart again later in the year (TBD). Members who sign up later will have higher membership fees and will not be able to access all of the previous music.

Become a founding member while you can!!!

Cart closes August 4th

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