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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Marisa Imon is the international Amazon bestselling author of the book Super Intense, an award-winning composer, host of the unconventional meditation podcast, Incandescent, and creator of Free Manifesting Course.


Her music and meditations have been listened to by millions of people between the various platforms that feature her work, even though you probably never even heard of the girl before.


She lives with bipolar type 1 and promotes the mindfulness skills she uses in her daily life that help her live well with emotional intensity. She does this through musiccomedy (sometimes together), speaking engagements, and over a thousand meditations that are used (mostly anonymously) by large platforms around the world. If you've been trying to identify who it is that is uncredited and makes your favorite meditations on YouTube, a website, or a meditation app, you can finally feel like that itch has been scratched cuz you found your girl! Hey!! So happy you're here!