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Free Satan
Free Satan
Multiple Dates
Sep 28, 7:30 PM

September 28th Line-Up:

Meet the Cast:


Seth Chatfield / Sethus MxTree (They/them)

Seth Chatfield is an actor, filmmaker, musician and artist based in New Hampshire. Indie horror fans may know them as the villainous Grando from retro-French-lesbian-vampire underground hit “Blood of the Tribades,” or terrible detective Frank Dobson from the satirical “Clickbait,” but Seth wears many hats. But really, no actual hats. This month they are premiering their fourth short film, “Good Looking Out” at a number of festivals both local and far-flung, and can often be found doing sketch comedy & weird improv things, performing apocalyptic emotionally-driven folk music, creating theoretical machines from small metal junk or holding gong baths & dancing right here in Brattleboro at Sidestream Studio. 

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Bela Hex (They/She)

Bela entered the performing arts in childhood as an actor, and has expanded their repertoire to include technical production, writing, directing, burlesque, and sideshow. In recent years they have lent their talents to the Vermont Theatre Company, the Hooker-Dunham Theater, Sidestream Studio, the Fox & Beggar Theater, and the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. Bela works as an art-enabler in Brattleboro and surrounding areas, serving as art handler, installer, model, performer, and production assistant. She has a passion for facilitating art creation and accessibility, and hopes to see you again soon at the theater, or circus, or museum, or anywhere else art makes you feel something.

"Your liberated infernal hosts for the evening!" 

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Toni Nagy (She/Her)

Toni is a writer that writes real good. Toni is also a stand up comedian and film maker. She has been working diligently for the past 15 years creating content for the internet often encouraging people to spend less time on the internet. EXCEPT IF THEY ARE LOOKING AT HER! Toni likes to be seen and heard. Toni's work takes a philosophical look at the word and tries to deconstruct your perception and then reconstruct it again using neon construction paper.

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Sean Rohberon (He/Him/They)

Sean Rohberon is the Special Events Coordinator of the Bellows Falls Opera House in Bellows Falls Vermont. 10 years of youth programming since 2007, 10 years of community theater programming since 2012. Sean is a Director, Writer, Actor, and Coordinator by trade, but whose passions are fighting in armor with real weapons, the outdoors, animals and earthly welfare.

About Sean's Act:

"When you look up into the sky and see the great beyond of space, how often do you think that one day it will all be gone? Well, you'll be thinking about it tonight, A LOT, at Free Satan!"

Ramsey Demeter (He/Him)

Ramsey is an actor, writer, vocalist, naturalist, recovering comedian and working class philosopher located in Southern Vermont.

About Ramsey's Act:

"The time traveling solar punk hiphop artist,  Yesmar, is at it again - with fresh beats to keep us dancing in our seats, and an offer so good you can't pass it up. Unless you're selfish. You are, aren't you? Well, listen up, and listen good: That's perfectly fine with us. This is Free Satan, there can be no shame."

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Sarita / Ms. Lavender Lovegood (She/Her)

Ms. Lavender is a facilitator and artist who advocates for erotic sovereignty and promotes the power of play as a tool for healing, connection and self-discovery.  She is Co-Founder of EveryBody Burlesque, teaches burlesque classes at Everglow Wellness in Keene, and facilitates Sense and Sensuality workshops at Sidestream Studio in Brattleboro and Everglow Wellness.

About Ms. Lavender's Act:

"In this segment we will explore the concept of erotic sovereignty and rehabilitating erotic agency through burlesque.  Let’s take a moment to experience the senses and explore the boundaries of our understanding as we discuss pleasure, playfulness, “Sex”, and self-care."

More updates coming soon!

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